Since 2007, the Sister’s ‘n Spirit Book Club has enriched the lives of many women.  At our first meeting, we had several names to choose from and “Sister’s ‘n Spirit” was chosen as the best liked by the members.  We began with ten members.  We always have a lively discussion and sometimes, we get off […]

Amen…Sunday Night Bible Studies

The Sunday Night Bible Study held at Bradford Public Library actually began in the fall of 2004.  The location at that time was Larry and Janice Sarver’s home.  It was moved to the Bradford Public Library’s Community Room after a year for a more centrally located place for everyone attending.  The original attendees were from […]

Bradford Public Library “Past to Present”

Bradford Public Library was born in 1933 when the Board of Education of the Bradford Public Schools received a pamphlet supplementing the Ohio school laws in regard to a new ruling whereby a school board could establish a public library.  The Board took action with the initial help of Lloyd Brubaker and  school Superintendent Willis […]