Resources: Genealogy



  • Ancestry Online – In Library
    What is it? U. S. Census records; military records; court, land and probate records; vital and church records; directories; petitions for naturalization; passenger lists and more. You must be in the library to access this database.
    Why use it? Conduct genealogical and historical research in the library.
  • Explore Ohio | OPLIN
    What is it? OPLIN’s ever-expanding directory of Ohio-specific websites and links.
    Why use it? Find Ohio-focused websites by category or by county.
  • Ohio Death Certificate Index (1913-1944)
    What is it? Database containing death certificates of persons that died in Ohio from 1913-1937.
    Why use it? Use the index information to help in obtaining a copy of particular death certificates.
  • Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
    What is it? Large scale street plans – including building outlines, property boundaries, and building use – produced by the Sanborn Fire Insurance Company from 1867 to 1970
    Why use it? Locate buildings and neighborhoods. See a neighborhood “as it was”. Study the growth of towns and cities. Identify the impact of new developments.