Resources: Employment & Adult Learning


Employment Resources and Adult Learning

  • Job & Career Accelerator
    What is it?
    The LearningExpress Job & Career Accelerator’ provides personalized, step-by-step job search assistance for all levels of job seekers. Job seekers can explore suitable occupations from over 1,000 detailed occupation profiles and find available jobs in their area from a database of over 5 million up-to-date job postings.
    Why use it? With Job & Career Accelerator, users can easily create professional targeted resumes, master interviewing techniques, improve work related skills and prepare for occupation-related exams. In addition, it helps job seekers plan, tailor, and track multiple job searches at the same time while providing expert advice and tips each step of the way.
  • LearningExpress Library
    What is it? Comprehensive, interactive online learning platform of practice tests and tutorial courses designed to help students and adult learners succeed on the academic and licensing tests. Create your own personalized and private account to track your progress. See this 2-min. Flash slideshow for help with finding tests and courses.
    Why use it? Study and prepare for tests and exams. Track your progress. Practice taking tests and exams.
  • Mango Languages
    What is it? A variety of resources to help you learn practical conversation skills for languages spoken all around the world.
    Why use it? Mango Languages is completely self-paced and provides a quick introduction to a language and culture through the acquisition of simple conversational skills.