The Innovation Station

What is an Innovation Station?

innovation_station_logoKids and Adults love to gather and create various things! Some people call them “Make-it/Take-it” projects. Bradford Public Library is introducing a new concept for our patrons and that is providing a Makerspace!

Makerspaces are in many libraries throughout the United States and even though our library is small & rural – we have made this idea come to life! Offering a space and location to create, build, and craft different items is an additional service that we currently offer our Teens & Adults! BPL will also provide many tools for these handcrafted items.

Many larger libraries have an additional room to keep their Makerspace materials and tools, but BPL wanted to be more flexible and provide a Portable Makerspace that can be used anywhere within or outside of the library.

With the assistance of a grant from the Miami County Foundation, BPL was able to purchase a portable cabinet, consumables and non-consumable items to get started.


Goals for the BPL Innovation Station!

  • BPL will be the location for projects that provide community engagement.
  • The Innovation Station will be used for:
  • Teaching new skills
  • Empowering patrons to create and think freely
  • Provide inspiration, collaboration, and conversation
  • Provide community education.
  • Complement and correlate with the school’s S.T.E.A.M. program
  • Provide “project-based” learning for homeschoolers

The INNOVATION STATION has been filled with materials and tools to accommodate these project

Cabinet 1

S.T.E.A.M. Activities



Magna Tiles

Steam Kits to purchase


Cabinet 2

 Jewelry Making Tools


Duck Tape/Washi Tape

Paint and Paint Brushes/Canvas for Purchase

Hot Glue Guns with glue sticks

Assortment of Ribbon

Wood Carving Tools, Leatherworking Tools and Floral Arranging Tools

Cabinet 3

Rubber Stamps/Stamp Pads (LARGE COLLECTION)

Use for Journaling, Scrapbooking, Card Making and Invitations




IMAC computer w/large screen

CD Rom Drive

HP Office Jet color printer

VHS to Digital accessories

Prices for copies:

.25 for 4×6 on our paper

.15 for 4×6 patron paper

$1 for 8×10 on our paper

.75 for 8×10 patron paper

Purchase DVD-R for .50 each





Sewing Center

Rotary Cutter

Cutting Mat 24″x36″

Fabric Scissors

Quilter’s Ruler

Bobbins to purchase for .75 each

Patrons must provide their own fabric and thread

                                           Steam Iron and Ironing Board







Cricut Maker

Cricut Coach Playbook

Laptop for use with Maker/Design Space Subscription

Blades for cutting different types of materials such as fabric, chip board or leather or thicker material and engraving tip for metal and chip board

Mats for all material

Tools for weeding

Small Craft Iron and Small Mat



Cricut Expressions

8 Cartridges with hundreds of images along with booklets

Markers that will replace blade and draw the images instead of cutting

Crafting Materials for purchase:

Adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl  for .10 per inch

Cardstock for .05 per sheet



Ellison Machine with 4″ Letters & Numbers along with 64 various die cuts