***While we normally welcome donations of print material, books and magazines, we are unable to accept donations of this kind at this time. we appreciate your understanding in this matter and hope to one day be able to accept these donations again!***

Bradford Public Library welcomes many different types of donations. The following are just a few ways you can help us out!

Do you always seem to have a stack of new or gently used books at your home that you’re not sure what to do with? Bradford Public Library would like to help you! We welcome donations of books of any genre;  fiction or non-fiction, juvenille or children’s books, how-to books and everything in between!  If we can use them here we will keep them, if we cannot we will put them in our annual book sale!

Bradford Public Library offers programs for children of all ages throughout the year. Story Hour, Summer Reading Club, Movie Monday Bingo and Teen Game Days are just a few examples! Story Hour for Preschoolers offers much more than just stories. Art projects are worked on, games are played and songs are sung during this hour long activity that is designed to help get your child ready for school! Our Summer Reading Club offers prizes for all children for various amounts of time spent reading. This past summer we offered prizes including giant balloons, louvered sunglasses, balsa wood airplanes , train whistles, flash drives, earbuds, I-Tune gift cards as well as free field trips to the Cincinnati  Museum Center and the United States Air Force Museum!  We have our major prize give away at our Fishing Derby  held at Stillwater Prairie. This year’s prizes included 2 $100 Walmart gift cards to purchase new bikes, King’s Island Tickets, Thomas the Train tickets, Cinemark Movie theater gift cards, Bungee chairs and many other wonderful items!  These prizes keep the children reading throughout the summer! Our Teen Game Days offer prizes such as  movie gift certificates, I-Tune cards, Amazon Bucks, as well as books and goody bags!   We welcome donations for these programs, from art supplies and books to games and puzzles. We welcome monetary donations too to purchase snacks and prizes for some of the activities!

We also offer programming for adults including Summer Reading Club and raffles throughout the year for special events such as our Plant Swap, Bluegrass Music Festival and our popular themed gift basket drawings!  Our Bluegrass Festival Raffle helps to keep the event free to the public, helping to pay for the cost of the sound man and facility costs. We accept donations of new items, hand-made items and  gift cards of all kinds as well as monetary donations to purchase items for these special events. Our special gift baskets are given away at the end of the month for special holidays and occasions. Patrons may put their name in for a drawing just by checking out  items from the library!  If you have any items you would like to donate toward these special events please let one of our staff know!

A letter can be written on request as an overview of your donation. Please see our staff if you have any questions or would like to donate!