Teen Stop Motion Movie Contest

Contest information:

Twist Your favorite Fairy Tale.

Create a stop motion movie to tell the story: Movie may be created with any program..we recommend Stop Motion Studio app. You may use Legos, action figure, Barbies, real humans, drawings, clay-mation, digital art….as long as it is filmed using stop motion.

Please keep in mind that videos will be shared on Bradford Public Library’s FaceBook page. Entries cannot contain graphic violence, foul language, or inappropriate romantic interludes! (keep it rated PG please!)

Entries must be emailed to bradfordpublic@gmail.com in MP4 format by July 20. Submissions will be posted on our Facebook Page the week of July 27 through August 2, 2020 for public voting.

Winner will be announced on Monday August. winner will receive a $50.00 Cinemark Gift Card! There will also be a random drawing of all entries for a $25.00 Cinemark Gift Card!

For more information see our Face Book post or find the video on You Tube!