Cathy Jones Visits Bradford Public Library


cathy-jones-2Local author Cathy Anderson Jones recently visited Bradford Public Library to present her 2nd edition of The Best Treasure. Cathy’s book, has changed the border of the book to lace and also added several colored pages to show the difference between the present and the past. Cathy has spent the last 23 year ministry with Rhyme Time Storytelling and many of the younger adults will remember that Cathy sang to them when visiting Bradford Schools. The book, The Best Treasure, was written based on a day she spent with her grandmother going through her cedar chest. Cathy now has this same cedar chest in her home and it is one of her prized possessions today. She can still be found writing gospel songs and singing them in her own little Baptists Church. Cathy Anderson Jones lives near Bradford with her husband, Tom.

Cathy was joined by the book’s illustrator, Jean Ann Cossey and musician Jerry Branscomb who sang several of Cathy’s songs. This was a special evening for all in attendance!

You can purchase a copy of Cathy’s book, The Best Treasure at Bradford Public Library.cathy-jones-5cathy-jones-4