Do you have an awesome collection you would like to display at the Bradford Public Library? We have a library display case available to those who wish to share their passion with the public. Some display ideas include: nativity scenes, local crafter contributions, train memorabilia, collectible statuettes and more! Library Director, Cherie Roeth traveled […]


  Bradford Public Library welcomes many different types of donations. The following are just a few ways you can help us out! Do you always seem to have a stack of new or gently used books at your home that you’re not sure what to do with? Bradford Public Library would like to help you! […]

BRADFORD’S Community Calendar

Have you tried to access our new “interactive calendar?”  Every workshop and event that is held at Bradford Public Library will be posted here.  Just click on the date or the activity and “up will pop” a text box which states the day, time, location and background information!  If any community organization, church, Pumpkin Show, […]

Bradford Public Library “Past to Present”

Bradford Public Library was born in 1933 when the Board of Education of the Bradford Public Schools received a pamphlet supplementing the Ohio school laws in regard to a new ruling whereby a school board could establish a public library.  The Board took action with the initial help of Lloyd Brubaker and  school Superintendent Willis […]