Being a Good Neighbor….and Staying Safe


**This class has contacted us again  and would like us to post about staying safe while walking. Bradford is such a quaint village and there are always people of all ages out walking so I gladly will post this article…. enjoy and stay safe!

Sometimes we all need a lesson in being a better community member and some great advice on being neighborly.  I received an email today from a volunteer who works with young people. One such youngster had a writing assignment on being a good neighbor. This young man had found this article online and shared it with his group. According to the volunteer,   “I suggested that both he and the rest of the kids share this with you because it had such great information about being neighborly which also leads to keeping our communities safer! We have a lot of fun each day when the kids come in and share the pages they found about their subjects, and while most of the pages are usually amateurish, every once in a while one of the kids brings in something very interesting 🙂 This page really stood out to us and we learned a lot from it!”

Please take a moment to explore the link below…it has wonderful advice that we all can benefit from! Enjoy!

How to be a Good Neighbor