Home School Seminar

home schoolThe Bradford Public Library is ready to offer your homeschooling organizations the best we have (in books, materials, educational DVD’s, subscription databases, STEM or STEAM activities) which will complement your own homeschooling curriculum.
      Our library has been working over the last several years in providing a variety of materials, books, kits, etc. for homeschooling parents & children.  This year, we are holding an informational meeting for all homeschooling local organizations and parents.  We will give a great overview of our available resources and will  give each participant a printout of our new fiction and non-fiction resources from the last three years.  The evening will be Thursday, August 24 beginning at 6:30 p.m.  It should last about 1 hour.
     Please let me know if you or several of your homeschooling parents can come and offer us your suggestions and recommendations so that we can serve your needs in an informed manner.  Bradford Public Library also has access to Miami/Troy Public Library and all of DaytonMetro Library holdings.  Books and materials can be ordered online and picked up at the Bradford Public Library.  This meeting is specifically to address Homeschooling needs and requirements!  Contact the library at 937-448-2612 to sign-up.  Refreshments will be served.