Kathy Kreations Yo Yo Purse


yo yo purseDo you have a handbag you are ready to throw away?  Maybe you are tired of carrying a purse and are ready to put it in storage, I mean the trash?  If this is you, then bring that old dilapidated, boring purse or bag to Bradford Public Library on Tuesday, June 20 at 6:30 p.m.  Kathy’s Krafts will be hosting a “make-it, take it” makeover class called “Yo-Yo Purse!”  Using some coordinated fabric, we will be creating material Yo-Yo’s that will turn into a beautiful covering for your “old” handbag!  It will look new and exciting and you will have fun creating this new look!  Call Bradford Public Library at 448-2612 to receive your class material’s list and don’t forget those scissors!  Right now, you can drop by the library and see some of Kathy’s purses up close and personal in our display case!  Refreshments will be provided!